Jenifer Porter a shop keeper , real estate agent and interior designer, has mastered the art of making any home look and feel beautiful.

She was born into a family of real estate development. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, 4 kids , 3 dogs and 5 chickens.

With impeccable design taste and the passion for detail she has the ability to create interiors that are classic, modern and comfortable. Jen’s aesthetic is chic, sophisticated and luxurious.

Her diverse design portfolio includes everything from luxury apartment buildings to large custom homes. she has mastered what works, what sells and how to do it well.

In her spare time, Jen likes to offer her design expertise to various non profits throughout Los Angeles. She currently sits on the board of The Harmony Project.

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    OLD BIO: – LK 06/26/18

    I am Jenifer Porter, a health obsessed California bred wife, daughter and mama with a passion for real estate, interior design and cashmere.

    I was born into a family of real estate developers. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and four children. Our home defines what Chic Living LA and the Cashmere Market is all about. Interiors are classic, modern and comfortable.

    Our cashmere is luxurious and classic. “With the right basic pieces you can accomplish anything,” says Donna Karan, an inspiration from my company’s conception in 2000.

    I created Chic Living LA and the Cashmere Market to share my passion for all things chic and comfortable. I get great satisfaction from knowing my clients are living comfortably.

    In addition, I am a pet therapy volunteer at Children’s Hospital LA with my Goldendoodle Charlie. In my spare time I like to offer my design expertise to various non-profits throughout Los Angeles.

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